Study Leave – time for thought

I am on “study leave” for 4 weeks. This is what in the Open University we use as a replacement for the concept of a sabbatical but generally taken in smaller chunks. So maybe more like Google’s 20% time for us to bring out the ideas we really want to work on. Last time I took advantage of this for real by spending 4 months going round the world and being a visiting researcher at University of Sydney. This time I am staying put but trying to rebalance all the things I am doing to complete some of the research elements and play down the admin. Not sure that I have got it right yet as I spent all afternoon at work yesterday, but I might be helped today as external email access is down.
Anyway one resolution is more blogging – it has taken me a week to do this one though :-). Hmm – need to get in the right frame of mind, next thing is to put some shelves up!

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