asus eee pc meets iPhone

I took my Asus in to work for a meeting today – it was an item of interest though Grainne had not brought the white one from her project Grainne had brought the white one but didn’t show off by bringing it out of her bag, though she had also put its picture on her blog. Anyway Hardin Tibbs was in the meeting with his iPhone and so there is a chance to determine the question – which is the current cooler product iPhone or Asus?I took the chance to take a picture of the two together – see below. In the pictures you will also see some other pieces of kit, a WD Passport 250Gb USB drive – which is a neat solution to the storage limitations of the little Asus, the Mac that I hope to stop having to carry so much and a JVC MG575 HD camera that has also proved to be a useful device. The camera also is a good partner for the Asus – its MPEG2 files are a pain to play back on the Mac but the Asus happily decodes and played them back. The Mac is there as after 3 hours (of a 4 hour meeting) the Asus battery gave out – which is a bit disappointing but not too bad.Asus and iPhoneMac, Asus, Passport, iPhone and JVC

7 Responses to asus eee pc meets iPhone

  1. Grainne says:

    Very cute! In fact I did have the white one in my bag! It’s going to be really interesting to see how the mobile market develops over the next few years – its not clear to me which type/size of device will “win”. I tend to just stick to one – my mac – despite the size, because for me it means i have always got everything i need with me.

  2. Gill says:

    I’m intrigued by colour choice having just fallen for a fabulous all pink Sony Vaio. Sadly my grey Vaio is still in admirable working order.

    My husband was prepared to pay extra for a black macbook, and chose black for several of his IPODs whereas I tend to go for white or a colour (usually pink). Part of the attraction for me when I first saw the asus at Handheld Learning was the fact that it was white and looked a bit like a mac as well as the fact that it was really tiny and would probably fit into several of my handbags.

    If you asked your daughter whether she would like a white, pink or black laptop – how would she respond?

  3. Patrick says:

    Apparently the colour choice should include silver, blue, green and pink. In my case the only choice was black – I think I would have preferred white to match the Mac (I didn’t pay extra for a black Macbook) but at least the black goes well with the passport hard drive. My daughter would have chosen a pink one.

  4. Gill says:

    Hmm, green sounds intriguing. If you had a laptop to match every outfit you could maybe justify having 7 🙂 .

    I am attracted to it for its size. You could take notes, check email and skype when away from your desk without either having to cope with a heavy laptop, cables, big bag etc, or a hard to see/type on PDA.

    However this year I think my Xmas stocking may be filled with an IPOD touch. Know of anybody who needs a 6month old IPOD video?

  5. Patrick says:

    I hope to get hold of an iTouch to check out its capability – or at least get a conversation with however gets a hold of it. That way I will be able to see for myself whether it suits what I do. The impression I have is that it could be an ideal machine for consuming all that the online world has to offer us: web, video, audio and of course that fun application email. However, the Asus eee has much more going for it if you see yourself as producing something too.

  6. Gill says:

    Doug let me have a play with his brand new iPod touch during the OpenLearn conference. From that initial experience I was hooked. Then a friend showed me her photo albums on hers (they’re best if sync’d with iPhoto I think. I slid deeper down the iPod Touch slippery slope of gadget-lust. The final convincing factor, as if I really needed any further convincing, was Doug’s blog post where he discusses and compares the iPod, the asus eee and the Amazon Kindle. I think this post agrees with your points about lack of data entry capability on the iTouch.

  7. Antonia Kraushaar says:

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