Let down by Flickr!

I am at a conference making some blog entries across at my OCHRE OpenLearn blog. I was taking pictures to illustrate by blog about Marsha Lovett’s presentation and it was not working. Strange error messages resulted asking me to “checktickets”. Looking at the Flickr blog they know about it as their “farm1” is down. I am sure they will fix it soon but it does seem strange to have one of the major Web2.0 sites not working. I could of course find other solutions but for the moment I will wait it out and add the pictures a bit later.


2 Responses to Let down by Flickr!

  1. Gill says:

    I went off using FlickR to add images to blog pages when I realised that if I took the image off FlickR, it vanished from the blog. Also, when you reach your 200 image limit on FlickR, something funny happens to the early ones.

    I carry a cable everywhere with me and just upload the images onto my laptop and from there to the blog.

    Imagine me not suing a web 2.0 facility 😀

  2. Patrick says:

    Hi Gill,
    I quite liked the way the Flickr uploader did the conversion of sizes for me – but I think it is pushing me down a rather uninteresting way to put the images in so I will reflect on alternatives. Thanks for letting me know what you have switched to.

    Interesting typo in the last line – maybe some people are thinking of :suing” flickr for letting them down!

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