Conference blogging

I have spent a couple of days in the OU internal conference Making Connections blogging the sessions that I am in over on my OCHRE blog. My colleague Doug Clow also blogged the same conference and there were several of us also twittering away during the conference. Liam Green-Hughes created an OU aggregator twitter to see what we were all doing, This was all quite good fun and I felt that I got more out of the conference by making the notes, though I did feel a bit like one of the rebels sitting at the back seat – even though I didn’t get told off like Doug.

There are various advice sites about what makes a good conference blog, and I have been a fan since the OpenLearn2007 conference – but I am unsure what the reader gets out of it, and whether the best route it the raw, quick as possible set of notes. Or a shorter summary which has gaps in it. My own posts are probably somewhere imbetween. Tony Hirst (read through Liam’s PlanetOU blog aggreator) has also just pointed out the advantage of using consistent tags to help aggregate the articles – so I had better go off to fix that!


One Response to Conference blogging

  1. Grainne says:

    Hey Patrick interesting stuff – demonstrates for me the confused inter-world we are in with all this. My view? Keep blogging, keep experimenting, keep reporting and reflecting!!!

    ps i thought the dynamic blogging at the openlearn conference was great!

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