Future of homework with Xtranormal

My colleague Martin Weller put a little movie that he made over lunch with Xtranormal on his blog. Martin always picks up on the latest tools and applies them to his work in really interesting an insightful ways. Whereas I delegate! So last night when my daughter for her Year 4 homework had to write a very short mini-play to understand scene-setting and dialogue. I remembered Martin’s demo and logged into Xtranormal on the Asus in our living room. Actually I couldn’t get it to work as it was a bit tricky using the small screen on the Asus – but while I went off to help with getting dinner on the table – my daughter worked it out.

Anyway here is the result of her (and a little bit my) work. (I will embed it when I get that to work – link for now! Proper embedding doesn’t seem to work on WordPress so picture with a link will have to do)

An incredibly easy to use tool with impressive results and ideal for this bit of homework. I am not sure whether it will be like my fling with Animoto where I only think of the occasional thing to do with it. But I have just found myself in a research group meeting proposing it as a way to present/support argumentation develop linked to work on inquiry in school age children, so maybe worth a follow up.

4 Responses to Future of homework with Xtranormal

  1. Martin says:

    Link didn’t work for me Patrick – just went to index page.
    Glad you liked it – not sure you have to use it a lot, just one of those many tools we can use. Imagine we could have courses with a different piece of media on every page, students choosing from a range to create their own assessments, etc. Imagine….

  2. Patrick says:

    Thanks – link fixed. Missing “0” at the end of link.

  3. r3becca says:

    Talk about synchronicity…

    Here’s my son’s homework from last weekend

    Closely followed by my daughter’s

  4. I’ve been using xtranormal for the last 6 weeks as the basis of a daily comedy blog. Check out any episode you like (except Christmas day, which is a music clip). Or start with this one, a fan favorite: http://deadpaninc.blogspot.com/2008/11/avian-genital-tongues.html

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