Poor neglected blog

Nearly coming up on an anniversary of my last post to this blog has made me reflect on why I seem to have drifted away from the process of getting ideas out through my own blog. Certainly part of it is sheer lack of time (and possibly ideas!) but it also reflects the choice of channel these days. For me the diversions include:

Of these it is cloudworks that has perhaps been the site that has captured most of what would otherwise have ended up in the blog. Cloudworks owes its existence mainly to Grainne Conole at the OU and is a site where you can create various notes (clouds) and link them together. Then others can comment on them. Flexibility to link to twitter and embed other bits of online stuff meant that for me it was a better place when blogging alongside others – especially conferences. And as that was when I posted quite a few of my posts it meant that my own blog has become very neglected.

On the whole I am happier with my notes being alongside those of others but also I feel a bit sad about losing the personal angle and collection. So what I need is a place that brings my contributions back together again! Not sure at the moment what will best provide this – options include adding links into a space I own (e.g. this blog), setting up a personal cloud, tools like netvibes (seems less fasionable than it was), or ??? Any ideas?


4 Responses to Poor neglected blog

  1. Would be interested if you have any thoughts on anything Cloudworks could provide (either within the site or as e.g. widgets external to the site) that would make this easier to do.

  2. Patrick says:

    It could be that I am not using the features of cloudworks as well as I might – I noticed that it now provides a feed for things that I have added on the site. So what would be the best way to reflect that on something like this blog? My other thought is about actually embedding parts of cloudworks may give what I need – but that is not made particularly easy. I will try an iframe for a cloudscape inside this blog to see what happens – but I know from previous attempts that wordpress.com is not very embed friendly!

  3. I think you raise some really interesting issues Patrick and getting the balance between collective involvement vs. personal blogging is tricking. Niall commented that he felt abit sad when he set up his “elearning in the cloud” cloud ie he felt he should have been posting on his blog instead. I think part of the answer will be as you say finding ways of interconnecting. Also of course cloudworks and individual blogs will have different audiences. And of course if you get lots of engagement and discussion around a cloud you create that is motivating. For me also cloudworks offers different functionality/benefits to my blog – i am finding it useful in terms of social bookmarking for example and perfer it to delicious, and I like the collective co-construction of clouds aspect.

  4. I suspect it’s Cloudworks lacking the features that would be useful rather than your failure to use the ones that are there. Thinking about this sort of thing is next up on my list after voting/recommendations. If there are any RSS feeds that aren’t there that would be useful do say as they may be quick to add in.

    What would you ideally like to display on your blog?


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