email must go!

I was just nodding with agreement at one of Martin Weller’s posts  about the trouble with eMail and especially limited institution supplied email – then I realised the last thing that I had thought I sent had generated the dreaded over the limit message for me! And as a Firefox user that is it – the message is lost. I had just received an 11Mb attachment (Martin might guess which one) and what is more I cannot even download it for some obscure reason. Given the document is related to Web2.0 ways of learning there is a certain irony.

Email overflowThis cannot be the way to carry on – it is not as if I even want to read the content of most of the messages. Earlier this week Iain Stinson talked about a Computing Service view of developments. In the notes I blogged at the time I didn’t really cover one aspect he touched on which is how students no longer use their email and switch to facebook etc. He said that this meant that computing services in universities needed to plan around students finding other provision, but he added as an aside that this did not apply to staff as organisational rules meant that their activity needed to be tracked and assured. Well the reality is that staff are also finding the better alternatives – like many I also have my ISP and gmail accounts as alternative emails. But more than that there the complete email alternatives such repositories and social networks offering different ways to get the message across. A few posts back I wondered if we were heading towards the end of email. Now I think it is more like a campaign – email most go!